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How to Enjoy A Healthy Smile for Life


Both you and your dentist want you to have a healthy smile for life.  And this is possible with good dental hygiene. Follow these tips to make sure your smile stays in good condition for the long term. Find a dentist you feel comfortable with. Recommendations are a great way to start your search. The [...]

How to Enjoy A Healthy Smile for Life2019-11-22T10:53:29-05:00

Myths and Facts about Cavities


Sugar Is the Prime Cause of Cavities Myth. Cavity causing bacteria cause cavities, specifically streptococcus mutants. When you ingest carbohydrates the bacteria in the oral cavity also like to eat them as well, the by-product of this digestion by the bacteria is acid. It is the acid in the mouth that can break down the [...]

Myths and Facts about Cavities2019-11-22T10:51:30-05:00

Are foods and drinks damaging your smile?


What you eat matters for your oral health. To minimize plaque buildup in your mouth and avoid dental emergencies, you need to pay more attention to your food choices, and that includes snacks and beverages. With that, take note of which foods can ruin your smile.   Hard candies. They look and taste good, but [...]

Are foods and drinks damaging your smile?2019-11-22T10:33:06-05:00

Time for your child’s first visit to the dentist?


Is it time to introduce your little one to the dentist but aren’t sure how to get started? Here in our dental office, our entire team is working together to make visits comfortable for both children and adults. Children should begin seeing a dentist within six months after their first teeth have erupted. During a [...]

Time for your child’s first visit to the dentist?2019-11-22T10:15:51-05:00

What do I do about receding gums?


Gums should fit snugly around the tooth. However, there are instances when they wear away and recede. The roots of the teeth have no protective coating, unlike the crowns. When gums recede, the roots become exposed. Receding gums can cause pain, increased sensitivity, and infection. Here are some tips to prevent it from progressing. Maintain [...]

What do I do about receding gums?2019-11-22T10:58:01-05:00

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Toothpaste?


It should be easy to choose a toothpaste. But when you’re doing it not only for yourself but for your family as well, you don’t want to go wrong. You want to ensure you’re using the right toothpaste for your needs and that of your loved ones. Here, we talk about the types of toothpaste [...]

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Toothpaste?2019-08-02T12:49:11-04:00

You only get two sets of teeth


Is it okay to care less about the primary or baby teeth since they'll eventually be replaced by adult teeth? A person has only two sets of teeth. First is the primary and second is the adult teeth. Both have their purpose. If they get lost prematurely, this can lead to oral health issues, such [...]

You only get two sets of teeth2019-08-02T12:21:05-04:00