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As per The Canadian Dental Association the service code "Units of Time" means the time spent on the provision of the service begins when the Hygienist begins preparing themselves and the patient for its delivery and ends either when another service initiated or when patient is discharged from operatory.

So, one unite of Scaling it could include: reviewing Medical history, Provision of local Anesthesia, evaluating area and exploring Gums to confirm removal of Calculus and Plaque from tooth surface.The total time units generally doesn't equal the time an instrument is on the tooth.

Dental implants are a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth, regain form and function, and avoid the bone loss and facial changes that come when teeth are lost. When you have more than one missing tooth, bone loss can give you a prematurely aged look, your ability to enjoy the foods you love can be diminished (as chewing may become compromised), and your nutrition may also suffer. Dental implants can intercept these risks.

Your oral health needs will determine how often you need a dental exam. The goal of having regular dental exams is to catch small problems early. This means a dental exam every six months for most people. It may be suggested that you visit more or less often depending on how well you care for your teeth and gums. If you have dental problems it is important that they be checked or treated on a regular basis.

Prevention is the best way to maintain good dental health. Brush and floss daily; limit the amount of sugary drinks and snacks you consume, don't smoke and visit your dentist for regular cleanings and exams. Problems can become complex and costly the longer they go undiagnosed. Dental disease gets worse with time and will not resolve itself. The cost of prevention is always far less than the cost of neglect.

Your dentist needs to know about your past and current health conditions. Your dentist must take an initial complete medical history and keep it updated. Sometimes a health condition can influence the way dental care is provided. For example: Sometimes patients need to take antibiotics as a preventative measure before certain dental procedures. As an example, patients with an artificial heart valve may need to take an antibiotic to help prevent a serious infection.

Yes! We will file most insurance claims for you, and reimbursement will then be assigned to our office.

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