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iTero Element – 3D Digital Impressions

At McKenzie Towne Family Dental, your comfort and convenience have always been our priority. We’re proud to offer iTero 3D scanning for our orthodontic procedures. With 3D scanning we eliminate the need for uncomfortable impressions. You can relax in the dental chair as we capture digital images of your mouth.

The iTero 3D technology generates precise images which increases the success of your treatment. Your teeth are rendered very accurately, allowing us to produce aligners that properly fit your mouth. We can also avoid the need for multiple impressions which means fewer dental visits for you.

You can foresee how your teeth will improve at every stage of your treatment and your final smile makeover before you even begin the process.

Advantages of 3D iTero Scanning

  • Fast, easy, and accurate impressions of your mouth
  • Comfortable for those with a strong gag reflex
  • See a virtual tour of your smile at every stage of treatment
  • Have your impressions taken without suppressing your breathing
  • Talk to your dentist during the procedure should you have urgent concerns
  • Reduce the margin of error for treatments
  • Highly-detailed images are sent electronically to the dental laboratory for faster fabrication of your aligners 

See the iTero Scanner in Action

Improve your smile with 3D impressions. If you’re interested in Invisalign® or other orthodontic treatments, contact our dental office at 403.257.1180. Learn more about the iTero 3D scanning technology and why patients and dentists love it.