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TMJ Treatment - Jaw Pain, Clicking, and Locking

Do you often experience jaw pain?

Jaw pain usually doesn’t require urgent medical attention. But sometimes, it can also be serious. It can affect your ability to speak, eat, and open or close your mouth. It can also be a sign of another underlying condition.

The pain can also travel to other facial structures. It may develop due to issues within your mouth or sinus infections. But most of the time, it’s due to temporomandibular joint disorders.

If your symptoms are severe or aren’t going away, see your dentist in SE Calgary immediately for a diagnosis.

Common causes of jaw pain

man holding jaw in pain

Here are two of the common causes of jaw pain:

  1. Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD)

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a hinge-like complex system that connects the skull and jaw. When parts of the system aren’t functioning properly, dislocated, or damaged, you may experience discomfort or pain on one side or both sides of your jaw.

How do TMJ disorders occur? TMJ isn’t immune to wear and tear due to constant use. Over time, it can be too stressed, and this can result in TMD. Common symptoms of TMD include popping and locking.

Ideally, the jaws should be able to operate quietly. If there’s something wrong with your jaw joint, even simple movements, such as moving your jaw from side to side or opening and closing your mouth, can already cause pain.

The more pressure you put on your jaw, the more likely you are to feel discomfort too. If you tend to bite down on objects or use your mouth for activities other than eating, those can also contribute to the pain.

  1. Dental issues

Aside from TMJ disorders, another potential cause of jaw pain are dental problems, which can include the following:

If your pain is related to a dental problem, you may also experience more symptoms. Your gums and teeth may be more sensitive.

You may experience dry mouth or bad breath that doesn’t go away even after brushing or gargling with mouthwash. You may also notice sores or in your mouth.

Don’t delay seeing your dentist especially if your symptoms start to become severe, say you also experience fever and breathing difficulties.

Fixing misaligned teeth and relieving jaw pain at the dental office

woman holding jaw in pain

The jaw joint works harder when teeth aren’t in their ideal position. Excessive pressure can cause its parts to dislocate and trigger problems. This can result in jaw pain.

How will you know if your jaw pain may be connected to teeth alignment issues? The best way to find out is to see your dentist for a comprehensive exam so you can also discuss your symptoms.

Before your appointment, it also helps to monitor and take note of your symptoms. For instance, you might be having difficulties when you’re eating. You may also notice changes in your speech or facial structure.

You may also find yourself biting your tongue or inner cheeks often. These tendencies may seem normal, but collectively and if they occur often, they may indicate a problem that needs immediate attention.

Diagnosing and treating jaw pain in SE Calgary

girl with sore jaw

Temporomandibular disorders can affect your oral health and general health. Don’t ignore discomfort or any irregularities in your jaw, bite, and facial structures.

Contact us today at (403) 257-1180 to book an examination with the dentist. Let’s find out what’s causing your jaw pain and plan customized solutions for it.

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