Why Do You Need Orthodontics?

Why do you need straighter teeth?

girl with crooked teeth1) Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss than teeth that are crowded, crooked or spaced improperly.  And the benefit of properly cleaned teeth is healthier gums!

2) By being able to properly clean your teeth, you can maintain good oral hygiene! Thus the chances of having plaque retention, tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease can be reduced!

3) Correction of your bite can also help improve chewing and speech.

4) Properly aligned teeth are less stressful on the supporting bone and jaw joints.

5) Having straight teeth can make you feel less self-conscious and more confident!

At McKenzie Towne Family Dental we know that misaligned teeth can often lead to more problems than just embarrassing smiles – they can lead to receding gums, difficulty in maintaining basic dental care and increased risk of cavities (among a variety of other potential troubles). Thus, in cases of malocclusion (which is the scientific word for misaligned teeth), adult or not, straightening your teeth using orthodontic braces may be the right thing to do. And now, with ever-increasing dental awareness, adults have a plethora of options before them when it comes to dental braces which could straighten their teeth (and possibly their enhance their career and improve self-confidence!).

So what to choose? Ceramic braces? Invisalign? Traditional metal? Golden metal? Self-ligating brackets? What about Lingual braces? These days, there are many choices available and it gets confusing! Which type of braces should you choose? Can you choose, or is it strictly up to your dentist?

Today, orthodontic treatment is different. Fortunately, metal bands have been replaced with brackets that are bonded with an adhesive right to the front of the teeth. They’re much more comfortable, smaller in size, and much less noticeable!

The type of braces you need depends on a number of factors:

  • The extent of your treatment, such as:
    • The severity of your bite or tooth crookedness problems
    • If extractions are necessary
    • If jaw surgery is necessary
    • If headgear or other special appliances are necessary
    • The amount of time you will need to wear braces
  • The preferences of your dentist or orthodontist
  • How much you are willing to pay
  • How long you will be in braces to correct your problems
  • What you, yourself desire!

So you must ask yourself, would you feel embarrassed in metal? Are you only willing to straighten your teeth if Invisalign is used? Do you prefer the look of clear, ceramic or sapphire? Or don’t you care, as long as the outcome is good?

If you are interested in learning more about this service or desire to improve your smile then contact McKenzie Towne Family Dental today at (403) 257-1180.