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You only get two sets of teeth

Is it okay to care less about the primary or baby teeth since they’ll eventually be replaced by adult teeth? A person has only two sets of teeth. First is the primary and second is the adult teeth. Both have their purpose. If they get lost prematurely, this can lead to oral health issues, such as an improper bite or bone loss.

A baby’s first teeth usually start to erupt during their 6th month, beginning with the central teeth at the bottom. The timeline varies per child. Regardless, it’s crucial to keep the baby teeth until the adult teeth take their place.

Why Keeping the Baby Teeth is Crucial

The baby teeth secure the spot for adult teeth. When a child loses a tooth, adjacent teeth can shift into the empty space. When the adult tooth starts to come in, there may not be enough room to accommodate it. As a result, it can erupt in an awkward position.

If a child loses a tooth due to cavities, injuries, or an accident, talk to your dentist about using a space maintainer. This will help keep the spot open for the adult tooth and keep the other teeth from occupying the space.

The permanent or adult teeth usually begin to erupt around the age of 6, but this can also vary from one person to another. It replaces the baby tooth by dissolving its root until it falls out on its own.

An adult tooth will still take a few years to mature. On its early stages, it is not fully mineralized yet. Getting fluoride can help strengthen it. Lack of fluoride can increase the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

Invest in Preventative Dental Care

When you go to the dental office, the first goal of the dentists and their team is to provide you with preventive care.

Ensuring good oral hygiene practices at home and maintaining dental appointments are key. If your area does not have fluoridated water, your dentist may recommend getting supplemental fluoride.

With that said, please take care of your baby’s teeth. Prevent premature tooth loss at all costs. When you’re a child, missing a tooth may not be a big deal but the truth is, this can have a significant impact in your mouth. The remaining teeth are pressured to work harder, shouldering the job left by the missing tooth. This can result in premature wear.

Missing teeth can also affect your bite or how your teeth meet together. If you would like to have a tooth removed, you’ll need to talk to your dentist about getting a replacement to prevent potential oral health care issues.

Take care of both your baby and adult teeth. You’re getting no more than these two sets in your lifetime.

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